Live, Cool & Made-to-Order!

A special event should be just that…special!  Is an mp3 player or recorded music unique and memorable?  Not really.
But LIVE music is.

We have  been providing quality LIVE music for special events all across the Midwest and beyond since 1991,  and look forward to doing the same for you!

If you are spending that much on a space, flowers, food and beverages, don’t cut yourself short when it comes to entertainment. Lil’ Ricki and the Licorice Sticks Productions and Entertainment is the answer. We are young, creative and full of fun.  Our talent is our ability to create your musical experience-- be it retro, big band, classical, avant garde or pop.  We adapt, mold, morph and transform our performance to make your event all that and a bag of chips.

We hope you will consider us to provide service for your next special event.   Satisfaction is always guaranteed!

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  • Big Dance Band

    Lil’ Ricki & the Licorice Sticks Big Dance Band

    It’s easy to get your guests out onto the dance floor when there’s swing, big band, jazz, blues and popular dance tunes to draw them out there.  Our band features a lead vocalist (male or female per your request) and the full complement of instruments including clarinet, sax, flute, trombone, trumpet, upright base, vibraphone/marimba and percussion.

    This is easily our most popular ensemble.

    Special requests accepted with advance notice:  10 piece, 12 piece, 14 piece, 14 piece w/ DJ

  • Clarinet Orchestra

    The Licorice Sticks Clarinet Orchestra

    Possibly the most impressive group in the bunch, this ensemble is comprised of 20 or more clarinets of 7 different sizes from the little baby Eb to the standard Benny Goodman style clarinet to the monstrous BBb Contra Bass clarinet.  Certainly capable of performing classical music, this group enjoys playing that which is unexpected—pop, jazz, blues, showtunes-- many of which have been arranged specifically for this group.   It’s a crowd pleaser, for sure.

    • 10-piece , 15-piece , 20 piece


  • Wind Quintet

    The Rhapsody Wind Quintet

    This ensemble is composed of traditional chamber quintet instruments but performs outside of those boundaries.  Our repertoire includes classical, chamber and wedding favorites, but adds medieval, renaissance, pop and light jazz selections for a unique and refreshing sound.  This group is ideal for impressive special events, wedding and holiday celebrations.

    Flute (violin), oboe (violin), clarinet, bassoon (cello), and/or French/English Horn
    3-piece , 4-piece , 5-piece , woodwind chamber orchestra 16-pieces


  • Ms. Martini

    Ms. Martini & The Three Olives Lounge Quartet

    Think subdued lighting and red velvet curtains when asking for this group.
    Composed of a “lounge singer” and a basic jazz combo, this ensemble can tailor a program for a variety of musical eras and across any major genre such as jazz and the blues.  Great for background, convention and atmospheric entertainment.

    Vocalist, piano, bass, and drums.
    • 3-piece (no vocals) , 4-piece (w/ vocals)


  • Klezmer Project

    The Klezmer Project

    Bringing out the inner gypsy in all of us, this ensemble will have you and your guests stomping their feet, clapping their hands and hollerin’ in no time at all.  Add a little “Tradition” to your simcha! We do Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, and festivals.

    • 8-piece, 10-piece …Oy Vey!


  • Polka Band

    Brasil' Sprouts German Polka Band

    Though Oktoberfest may be the most popular booking occasion for the Sprouts, we’ve never disappointed at a wedding or anniversary celebration.  German vocalists and dancers round out a full complement of traditional instruments (clarinet, sax, trumpet, accordion, tuba, percussion and guitar.)  Our repertoire includes German and Bavarian polkas, folk dances schottisches and waltzed.  Alp horns can be requested for an additional fee.

    • 8-piece , 12-piece (excluding Alp Horns)


  • Marching Mimes

    The Marching Mimes

    Fun loving, sophisticated, (yet ever so unpredictable), our mimes mimic the Marx Brothers and Marcel Marceau.  This completely mobile marching band plays famous circus, Sousa, and Fillmore marches-- all set to choreography which includes slapstick comedy and audience interactions.

    • 7-piece , 10-piece , 12-piece . Opt. Attire can be requested!


  • Mariachi Torres

    Mariachi Torres y Cobre

    Muchachos perform traditional festival music and folk tunes from Mexico as well as other Latin and Spanish countries. Guitars, trumpets, violins, and mandolins in combination are available per request. Savor the flavor and grab your castanets!


Contact info

For more information, or to book an ensemble or soloist for your next special event call:

Rick Kissinger
Ph: (407) 616-4599

We look forward to serving your entertainment needs!

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